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My name is Péter Csörget.  InvestTid is my own business in Oslo, where I provide HSEQ services, as well as a variety of mindfulness programs.

My title within an organization is Health,Safety and Environment Consultant, I am proactive and always strive to achieve the project's goals while remaining calm under pressure. It is important for me to not only manage, but to lead, and to integrate mindfulness methods into my work environment.

Because the changes my clients wish to see require a certain amount of time, I chose the name InvesTid which in English means "invest time" since without it the necessary changes will not be achieved. 

It is my goal to assist individuals to grow, blossom and develop into the best versions of themselves, just as a tree or any other plant on Earth does. This is the aim of my work as symbolized by my logo.


In a 1:1 or group session, or in mediation with a couple, I am able to provide various options for doing this.

As a mental trainer my style is down-to-earth and empathic and I use my past experiences to assist my clients achieve their goals and create a brighter future for themselves.

Currently my services are provided in English.


How I Can Help You


“The goal is to assist people in finding happiness and freedom from suffering, regardless of their circumstances”

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