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Workplace HSE services

Coaching, consultation, on-site emergency drills, site inspections and more.

Service Description

With over a decade of experience on construction sites, I have worked as a technician, team leader technician, and HSE advisor. Working with international teams and performing the duties of a HSE manager on site provided me with valuable experience. How I can help you? - Inspection of the construction site followed by a detailed report describing the site's findings and suggestions for improvement. - Coaching the assigned HSE professional in his/her work, along with providing useful tips and tricks on how to be more proactive on the field and cope with difficult situations. - Providing on-the-job coaching to team leaders in order to improve HSE performance. - Temporary assistance on-site (ramping up phase, in case of busy workload etc.) - Completing emergency response exercises (spill drills, rescue from height drills, and first aid drills) followed by a detailed report describing the findings and suggestions for improvement. - Serving as a client representative on the onshore or offshore construction sites to ensure that contractors comply with the customer's specifications on a day by day basis. - Establishing a stylish site office on construction sites (HSE wall, posters, signage, etc.).

Contact Details

Oslo, Norway

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