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Workplace mindfulness

Taking care of the employees means taking care of the business.

Service Description

Bringing meditation and mindfulness techniques to the workplace can improve employees' ability to deal with stress and improve their focus. This can also contribute to the building of trust among the members of the team. During my leadership roles, I became aware that just as trees require soil, we humans require our own version of soil, which is culture. To grow, plants require sunlight, and as humans we may need a vision or a goal that we wish to accomplish. What inspires us, what drives us, what our hopes are. In the same way that a tree requires water, we too require empowerment or support from others. Each of us depends on the other. Social interaction is an important aspect of growth. Our interactions with others, the way we relate to them, how it feels to be alone, how it feels to be at work or with strangers, how we feel around people, how they treat us. It is important to understand that leadership is directly related to most aspects with a sort of external social element of our personal development. The culture of the organization is also affected by this factor. The result is that those who have grown up or worked within a particular culture and under a particular leadership style will feel and react differently to challenges. A person's ability to grow is also determined by these factors. The purpose of our life on earth is to grow personally, and leadership plays a significant part in that process. In order to enhance the team spirit and safety culture on a short-term and long-term project, it is vital to build a team. If you are open to dedicating some time to developing your team or a group of team leaders, we can determine what type of program will best support you the best.

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  • Oslo, Norway

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