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Peer support groups

We can all "peel our own onion" by listening to others.

Service Description

In peer support groups, members meet between minimal frames, quite freely, expressing doubts, fears, acknowledging, admitting, and expressing their emotions. There is a facilitator (me) stimulating the group process, but also participates in it. Intensive group experiences enable us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and of each other, to recognize the similarities between us, but also to learn to disagree peacefully. These group sessions can have the effect of making participants more confident as individuals, more open to all aspects of their experience, and therefore more able to choose intelligently among the behavioral options. Furthermore, people in intimate relationships have a greater ability to love or to withdraw from a relationship if it is a hurtful one. We can all "peel our own onion" by listening to others, which enables us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. Or as the English say “let your hair down”. Ideally, we would like each individual to be as open to themselves as well as their environment is so that they will be able to do creative things and find greater fulfillment in their lives. Hopefully, all participants will feel an appreciation for their freedom, responsibility, and potential. Whenever a minimum of 10 people are willing to spend a weekend or a week together to get the most out of the peer support group, I will arrange it in a location that is conducive to this process. In addition, it may be possible to establish a peer support group at work, or with a group of friends; the options are endless, and I am open to discussing it whenever need arises.

Contact Details

Oslo, Norway

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