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(Being Genuine)

It is a support group for the Power Awakening group, but it has the opposite energy and intensity.

Participants can try mindfulness methods that were selected to find their power through their inner work in a calm and supportive environment. It can also lead to a power awakening and radically improve self-development if combined with our other workshops.

A mindfulness meditation and visualization practice, self-development cards, and discussions are all included.

(Being Genuine)
- All genders group

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All genders group: 25.04.2024
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Most of the time, in order to gain acceptance into certain groups, organizations, or relationships, people must adapt and not be themselves or react exactly as they would normally react, just to be accepted.  While some people grew up like this, others had to do so when they entered modern society's areas (schools, workplaces, etc.).

As self-suppression became a habit, people find themselves more and more in situations where they do not act as they feel that would be good for them. As a result, people become even more disconnected from their feelings and needs and are unable to live a fulfilling and happy life. Mobile phones and hundreds of TV channels further isolate users from themselves.

This workshop is about getting back to who you really are, when you don't have to act a certain way to fit in or be loved. We will guide you in identifying your own needs and feelings without forcing you to suppress them. Since many people have the habit mentioned, participating in the workshop and utilizing the techniques provided is the way to heal and develop a healthy habit.

The more you can be yourself, and learn how to express it, show it when you're around others, the more you can connect with your authentic self. Your chances of choosing friends, a group of people, a workplace, and a relationship where you feel good increase.

Self-development groups are not just important for developing social skills and meeting like-minded individuals. Symptoms and illnesses will draw our attention to the fact that we differ in some aspects if we do not work on self-awareness and self-reflection.

The new group emphasizes the importance of connecting to our own feelings and thoughts.

The good news is that the winter season is an ideal time for completing inner work.

There are almost no signs of life in nature, and trees and bushes are bare. In the corner of the spring, under the straw, it's decided which seeds will be rotten and nourish the surroundings, which seeds will break out of their shells, and which seeds will start a new growth cycle. This dynamic can also be applied to how we decide what to let die by spring and what to give strength and attention to flourish.

At this time of year, we are in the period of incubation, a time for strengthening our core energy. 

Connecting with our inner strength and feeding it with self-development activities is part of this process. As a participant in this event as well as the Maori-inspired Power Awakening workshop, you will be supported in your journey. 

The purpose of both events is to assist you in finding your balance.

To boost the group's and individuals' development, a variety of mindfulness techniques were selected for this thematic.

Participants in the Power Awakening workshop will have the opportunity to join this group at an early bird price at all times. As the members of that workshop have already begun their journey to achieving their best selves. A special offer will also be available to "Eredeti" participants if they sign up for the Power Awakening workshop.

Bring one friend for free and join our group of like-minded individuals who are looking to improve their mental and physical health.

We can grow together if we come together.

Be genuine.

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