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health, safety and environment Management

I worked in factories and construction sites for 15 years before becoming an occupational safety professional. In my experience, human factors are the primary cause of accidents and near-misses. Therefore, I use mindfulness methods whenever possible in my current projects, attend events where I learn about potential improvements for workplaces, and network because it is very important for me as a freelancer. Below you will find a list of events that I have attended or plan to attend.

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Wind Energy Hamburg

My time there was spent actively seeking assistance for issues I encountered during my previous projects. It was fortunate that I met with some suppliers that I already knew as well as a new one who provided a solution idea to my actual employer after our conversation.

Member of the NOrwegian offshore wind working group

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In addition to my support of the Norwegian Working Group, I aim to influence the local industry to focus more on human factors and possible solutions.

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Wind Europe -Copenhagen

By representing my own company, InvesTid, I continued to network and find new solutions to offshore wind issues that could benefit the Norwegian Offshore Wind Working Group.

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