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Power Awakening 

Currently, I organize Power Awakening workshops inspired by the Maori HAKA and include mindfulness, mediation, and leadership techniques to support self-development.
In 2024, additional event types will be available.

Power Awakening Workshop- 

 Workshops in July

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Men's group: summer- date coming soon
Power Awakening (All genders group) with Power Circling (A KÖR): 13.07.2024, 12:30-18:30 - Stavanger
Stay tuned for upcoming workshops. On social media, follow InvesTid.

The Power Awakening workshop is a transformative experience inspired by the Maori HAKA.

It was created to be an immersive experience that would challenge participants to think differently about their lives and to find the courage to make meaningful changes. Participating in workshops and learning it is designed to empower as many men and women as possible, and to create a group of physically and mentally strong individuals. 

Participating in the workshops will allow participants to experience real transformation, gain strength, and be more self-confident, more free, and more open to all aspects of their experience, so they can make intelligent choices regarding their behavior. This will lead to a profound sense of liberation, enabling them to think more clearly and to make better decisions, ultimately propelling them towards greater success in life.

We started the workshops in September (2023) since it was autumn and time to start working on ourselves. The transition from winter to spring occurs in March, when we move from our inner world to the outside world. Following the power awakening and mindfulness teachings, there is the possibility of a spiritual transition into the vertical dimension.

Following the HAKA inspired warrior dance session and mindfulness teachings, there is the possibility of a spiritual transition into the vertical dimension.

During this transitional period, the melting of snow and ice initiates the predominance of the water element, a duality is present there: On one hand, destruction, on the other hand, birth.
An ugly, dark, mournful swamp is a metaphor for the oppressed depressive mood and sense of helplessness, but rebirth cannot take place without suffering.

This workshop is a Reconnecting to Ancient Power workshop which can enhance your energy and mood, followed by a group discussion. By expressing yourself, sharing your feelings, and addressing topics honestly, you will be able to embody your true self, which may not be possible in everyday life (at work, at home, or in relationships).

You'll "peel your own onion" which means that you'll express deeper layers of feelings as you become aware of them. The practitioners will support you during this process, making it extremely powerful.

As a person learns to light a fire (Scandinavian basic knowledge), here we learn how to awaken energy/fire within ourselves that warms everyone (love, care, act, listen, help, support). By nurturing this inner fire, we can discover our true potential and achieve a balance between our inner and outer worlds.

In addition to releasing pressure, the Power Awakening groups will help us find our way to happiness.

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