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Power Circling
A kör

Power Circling (A Kör) - Practicing presence in relationships and in yourself.


Power Circling  - A Kör -  can be one of the new tools in your self-development toolkit alongside EREDETI (Being Genuine) and Power Awakening.

Power Circling-a kör 

 Workshops in March

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All genders group ): 13.03.2024, 18:00-21:00
The next one will be in May.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops. On social media, follow InvesTid.

Power Circling  - A Kör -  can be one of the new tools in your self-development toolkit alongside EREDETI (Being Genuine) and Power Awakening.

Have you ever noticed when you talk to someone and their thoughts are elsewhere, and you don't get an answer for your feelings or thoughts you just expressed?

While you talked, your partner may have been thinking about these questions:
Is my boss mad at me or did I do something wrong today? What can I do to be a better parent/child/ employee? What makes me stressed now? Can I be loved? In what direction should I go in my life? How do I fit into the world? What can I do to become a better person? If I didn't listen, what should I say?

The world we live in is constantly fast-paced, where we have to work, study, complete tasks at home, shop, travel, and our phones are always with us to focus elsewhere than the present moment. As a result, it can be easy to become distracted and lose our focus on the conversation. This can lead to us not being able to accurately respond to our peers or family members, and can cause misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

It's getting harder and harder to focus without getting bored or distracted.

Personal connections become less meaningful as a result.

Joining a group is important because everyone has a time and place to deal with their spirituality. Due to their daily schedules, their careers, or even because of their mental routines, very few people are able to force themselves to take care of themselves twice a week for an hour and a half. This is really important, that "I have to go somewhere". Whenever I go to a group, I go with a focus, it's already a mental preparation.

Although the price of bread and milk is on my mind, my unconscious is beginning to gather itself that I'm going to such a transformational event. The energy adds up when several people are there. There I get time for myself Here I can think about why I react to people's topics the way I do. Gaining a deeper understanding of myself will help me be better in my private life and improve my relationships.

Its simplicity and potential for personality development will make Power Circling (A Kör) a popular group. It is possible for spirits to connect in this manner, not through the internet, but through feelings, and in the same environment, being present.

There will be a variety of mediation (conflict resolution) and mindfulness methods implemented depending on the needs of the group. Everyone will be able to get answers to questions they've brought or have during the event.

Compared to everyday social life, participants experience a much greater level of freedom, which is liberating but can also be frustrating. By working together, group members can experience empathy, unconditional acceptance, and authenticity, creating a safe environment in which they can fully express themselves.

Additionally, the sense of "we" grows, allowing all feelings, whether positive or negative, to be expressed. An atmosphere of trust stimulates self-acceptance, learning, development, and even confrontation can become a powerful tool for change.

You need to see that others are struggling too. The fact that he isn't the only one struggling. I want human interaction, which is one of my biggest goals. 

In the present moment, participants respond to what is happening between them. It will make a difference in the quality of their personal lives. They will be able to have better conversations and relationships as a result of practicing mindfulness.
They become more aware of their personal responsibility, and they can influence others and allow others to influence them. During these events, many people will have an irresistible desire: to connect and select the relationship, and the process always takes shape spontaneously, unpredictably, and naturally. 

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